Who doesn’t like a good film? Who hasn’t wanted to go and see a great musical? In our current climate of  gloom and cutbacks these films and stage shows can help brighten up our dreary and cutback filled lives. We either like them because they reflect our daily struggle, or because they provide us with a means of escape. Whatever the case, you can enjoy the same feelings as you would get from being in the cinema or the theatre, without the cost. We are freely playing you some of the best music and songs from the great shows of the past and present.

How about Showboat, Guys and Dolls, Cats and Aspects of Love, and a wealth of others in between. Remember The Sound Of Music, multi James Bond Themes, Star Wars music, and not least, of course, by any means, the great Mamma Mia! We’ll play you a blend of old and new films and shows, scatter about a few positive thoughts, and if that doesn’t brighten up your Sunday afternoon, making it the highlight of the week, nothing will! 

Timeslot: Every Sunday between 2pm and 4pm.

This programme does not take requests.

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