This programme will be your highlight of a Sunday morning. Originally from the Crystal Cathedral in California, now from Shepherd’s Grove,  you will hear excellent singing, sometimes rousing, sometimes quiet and inspirational. You will hear an inspiring testimony of God’s reality and power in the life of someone who follows Him. Songs from visiting singers are added to the mix, and finally a positive clear message delivered by Pastor Bobby Schuller, grandson of  founding pastor Dr Robert H. Schuller. The Crystal Cathedral was seen as the home of Positive Christianity and as you listen you’ll get drawn into a warm, cheerful, non-threatening atmosphere which will help your faith to rise, encourage you to dream your dreams and to believe that God can do the impossible!


The Hour of Power is broadcast globally , every week providing a message of hope, and of God’s power to millions. You’ll therefore be in good company if you join us, helping us spread this dynamic message to the world. Here, at Uplift Radio, we feel privileged to be involved – we’ve experienced for ourselves just how uplifting this programme can be and hope you’ll find it equally effective and meaningful. You can find out more about ‘The Hour Of Power’ and the Crystal Cathedral at the following link: To view or listen to the edited highlights of a typical Sunday Service, please click on one of the following links: The Hour of Power Sample – Broadband Version

The Hour of Power Sample – Audio File     
With grateful appreciation to the Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California.


Timeslot: Every Sunday between 7am and 8am. 

This programme does not take requests.

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