The Weekend Uplift Show follows a similar pattern to the weekday one, fun, great music, a plethora of positive chat, and a good dollop of ‘Spots’ to keep your mood good throughout the weekend.

There are differences too. Not one, but two presenters, keep the programme moving. Dee Jay M joins Don Treader in the Studio and ‘the banter is breathtaking’, at least that’s what they think! Dee Jay M also brings his expertise and love of the ‘Top Twenty’ to bear on the show. Number Ones of the past, or just your Number Ones – he counts them down each week in his own inimitable style. 

There’s the usual ‘Today’s Special Artist’, ‘Let’s Go To The Movies’, ‘Yules’ Fun Choice’ spots – and of course an opportunity to win an Amazon voucher in the Competition. You’re just spoiled for choice!

Use our Request Form To have your favourites played on the show.You can also submit your own Top Twenty here for Dee Jay M to include on a future date.


Timeslot: Saturdays between 7am and 9am, repeated Saturdays at noon, Sundays at 2am and 6pm

See Dee Jay M's blog here!

See Don Treader's blog here!

If you wish to make a request please click on the Request button. or leave a voice message on (Freephone) 0333 121 0101 (Option 3)

For comments, please click the
Be Radioactive link.

To contact Dee Jay M and Don Treader directly, send your email to either: or


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