We’re on the move again! Covid19 is on the run, and many are immune – or are getting there. Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria – there’s a whole new set of challenges, and sometimes it can be hard to keep our heads above water. Rest assured however, Uplift Radio’s still here, trying to bring a sense of uplift in demanding and darkened times. Keep looking up!
New DJs on the roster, a doubled listenership, a strong worldwide following – we’re so glad that you’re willing to give your time, and your ears, to us.Some of our new programmes seem to be still lifting your spirits out there. Long may it continue!

Don’t forget our dedicated free phone for ireland: 0766-223699 .
And of course our main UK number – 0044 333 121 0101.
Contact us if you want a boost. We really would love to hear from you!

More Good News!
If you’re looking for a stimulating and refreshing read this summer, why not tackle Don Treader’s current offering, Sophia’s Secret Volume Two, available on Kindle, in print and soon to be out in Audible. (Volume One is already out in all three formats.) It tells the story of someone who by a trick of time journeys back to the 1st Century and lives her life through someone else. Familiar events take on a new hue. Soon you’ll find yourself caught up in a mystery that might even change your perspective on life – for the better! Click on the link below. You’ll find it’s FREE on Kindle for a little while.

Latest News!
Why not listen on our new updated App. It’s available in the Apple, Google Play and Microsoft Stores. You can send an audio message or request from it straight to us, as well as check out our schedule and On Demand Programmes at a glance. Now available on the Windows 10 platform, we’ve never been so reachable. New features are often being added. Watch this space!
We’re also available on your Smart Speaker and devices. Just say ‘Play Uplift Radio’ or ‘Uplift Radio on Tune-in’.

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