Hi! I’m the other Don you may hear occasionally on The Gospel Show. I’m a retired secondary school teacher, married to Yvonne , and we have two adult sons. I first met Don Treader many, many years ago, but our paths went different ways and I didn’t meet up with Don again until about five years ago.

It’s funny how lives can diverge and come together again. It makes me think there is more of a pattern to things than we sometimes realise, Although I was brought up in the Christian church, it is only in recent years that I feel my Christian faith has become stronger. I guess that’s partly down to life experiences which I won’t bore you with here, but I can certainly agree with the hymn writer about what a friend we have in Jesus.

At school, I taught modern languages and I enjoy travel. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t, so that makes for interesting holiday planning! In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, reading and I also have a terrible weakness for bad videos. I enjoy contributing to online blogs and I’m also hoping the other Don will improve my listening tastes via Uplift Radio. I look forward to helping on the shows from time to time and look forward to your company.

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