I am DJ Sophia and I’m six years old. I love all kinds of music especially songs from the film ‘Frozen’. My favourite song is ’Let It Go’.

I go to Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance classes. I think the music’s great there too. I just love dancing to ‘Love’s An Open Door’ (another song from ‘Frozen’).

I’m still at school and really enjoy learning. I like reading and doing maths. My teacher is lovely – she’s so good to our class. I also go to Rainbows (Junior Brownies) for girls of my age – I’m the oldest there. Mrs. McLeod teaches us crafts and we get to play loads of games. It’s great – I get to stay out late that night!

Music is always on wherever I go – at home, dancing, in class, at Rainbows – and also at my church. I just love when the band’s playing and my friends and I can sing and dance at the front! My favourite song is ‘Our God Is A Great Big God!’.

I’ve been doing the programme ‘Children’s Favourites’ on Uplift Radio for a while now. It’s children’s songs, mostly from a long time ago. I do, however, play some recent kids’ music, too. You’ll hear a lot of songs from ‘Frozen’! (the older songs appeal to the older children amongst you, those over 50 – and I’m so glad).

I love sitting in front of the big microphone – I feel like a real grown-up DJ!

People have trouble stopping me from talking, but that’s OK. I just turn on my biggest smile for them, and keep going!

It really is great working on Uplift Radio – I do hope you’re listening to my show!

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