• Born 1st April 1996
  • Birthplace: Tolgate Manor, England
  • Mother’s and Father’s Name: Whitney and Lewis
  • Brothers & Sisters: Yuma, Yeoman, Yahtzee, Yvette, Yassie, Yates and Yardley
  • Trained: Forfar, Scotland
  • Qualified: July 1998
  • Retired: March 2009
  • Occupation: Keeping Don Treader right!
  • Sadly passed away: Saturday 18th February 2012 at 2:35pm

‘A Message From Yules’ (written 2011)

It’s great, I now get to listen to Uplift Radio every day. I don’t even have to get out of my basket. Don is busy, but I don’t let him forget my ‘strokability’ factor. I’m also the one who makes sure he gets fresh air – he’d never be away from that Radio Station if I didn’t give him a push, or more correctly, a nudge.

If you listen carefully you can sometimes hear me on his programmes. I’m the one who makes the ‘Santa’ sounds. I also sometimes get a speaking, or barking, part, but I’m going to tell you this – I actually think he’s as barking as I am! He can go on a bit, can’t he! Anyhow, don’t forget to listen to my show – it’s mainly the Uplift one.

Don only helps me out! Keep watching this page for links and videos about me.

Link to My Retirement Booklet

Link to My Retirement Video