Don Treader Hi, I’m Don Treader and, as you’ve probably gathered, the name’s a pseudonym. As a DJ/Presenter it’s sometimes good to work under another name, and this one – although famous elsewhere, to my mind - is a bit cool. It’s one that’ll be remembered easily! For those who’ve been checking, or even just watching recent movie releases and reviews, you’ll have noticed the similarity to the name of a particular film, of course with just one letter of a difference – The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. I took this name long before the film came out, partly just because I liked it in the C S Lewis book, and for those who go for allegories and hidden meanings. . . because listening to me, you’re on a voyage through life, a voyage of excitement and discovery. That’s at least the meaning of the real Dawn Treader – I’m sure I’ll never come up to that – I’ve no pretentions whatsoever, but if I can help put a more positive slant on your day or your attitude and your life, then perhaps I’ll be living up just a little to my ‘borrowed’, more famous name. You want some ‘real’ details about me? Well I’m getting on a bit (no ages please!), I’ve been a teacher (I love communicating!), I’ve always been interested in music, recording, producing radio programmes (ever since I was a teenager), and in general I’ve a real desire to help make a difference to each day – for other people and for myself, too. I really believe that good music and encouraging, positive words and attitudes can do something to lift our spirits just a bit and perhaps even point us in new directions. In the words of some of those ‘Country’ fans – even the sad songs can help make you feel good! And anyway, what’s wrong with wanting to feel good and making our lives a bit brighter? You want some more? Well, I’m a Christian, too, and have been for a long time. I’m proud of it, as I’ve found it works for me. I’ve always had eyesight troubles and when I became totally blind some sixteen years ago it was an amazing experience to find that Jesus led me ‘through the darkness’ (I hate cliches, but it’s true!). I was able to continue teaching for twelve years before I had the opportunity to do this, and count myself fortunate to have met and worked with some really wonderful people, especially the longsuffering pupils who allowed me to continue to test out my communicating skills upon them. Of course, I shouldn’t and can’t forget this  – I had the love and devotion of a marvellous Guide Dog, a yellow, furry and ‘perfect’ Labrador, Yulie, my angel (she really was!). Although she passed away on 18 February 2012, she still makes an appearance on some of my shows, so please line your pets up at the speakers! If you don’t like it, perhaps they will! Added to this, my wife and family were a great support – they got me out in the morning to make sure I earned the money! (if you’re interested in more of this, just click the link at the foot of the page to download the booklet – it’s not too long and is one of the few books to be written by a dog!). Similarly, if you wish to hear the 'Uplift Tribute Show To Yulie', just click on the Mixcloud link below. So, where does that leave us? I should say, I’m not one of those Christians who want to ram their faith down your throat – I don’t like this myself and find it unproductive and a bit annoying. You’d just switch off and quite rightly so. People need to feel wanted for themselves, not because they can be manipulated or be a statistic in someone else’s game. Here at Uplift Radio our whole aim is to, as it says in our jingle, ‘uplift your spirit, build your hope’. There are many ways to do this – we’re choosing to do it through great music of all kinds, including gospel, and through a diet of encouraging, positive words. If, however,  you wish to find out more about faith issues, there are places on our website and spots in our programming where you can go voluntarily. We’re not forcing you to do so. Of course we hope you’ll find them helpful, but our primary function as a Radio Station geared for everyone is to entertain and encourage everyone, including you. We’re excited about Uplift Radio and hope you’ll become so, too. We want you to interact with us and would value your input to ‘your’ Station. I hope you’ll read my Blog (see below) and would welcome comments on the running of the Station, as well as any positive ideas, insights or experiences you may have that might benefit our listeners and bloggers. We’d also be over the moon if you signed up to become ‘RadioActive', to help publicise the Station. Link to download Don Treader booklet Click here to view Don Treader's Blog!