I was brought up in a Christian family on a dairy farm in western New York State. My parents built up a successful family business from very humble beginnings, and they have always encouraged me to make my own way in life. I decided to pursue undergraduate studies in Spanish and Inter-cultural Studies at Houghton College, NY, during which time I spent a semester in Central America. I was blessed with a close group of like-minded friends at college and I quickly developed a passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures.

Since graduating I have spent a year working as an English teacher in Japan and have done an internship at a rural development training centre in Kenya. Inspired by my experience in Kenya, and feeling called by God to work in international rural development, I applied to study for a Masters at the International Development School at the University of East Anglia.

During my postgraduate studies I met my husband Stephen and we got married in 2011. We decided to settle in the UK. I returned to Kenya in 2012 with Stephen so that he could conduct research for his PhD. Now we are back in the UK, enjoying bringing up our new baby.

Uplift Radio use my voice for the positive quotes you can hear between songs in the automated programmes (DJ Dora). I also appear between hymns in ‘Lift Up Your Hearts’ and have my own Quotation Corner on Dee Jay M’s Past Times programme.