Uplift Radio was created with the aim of being distinctive by offering a positive diet of great music and thought, its programmes engendering the feelgood factor in a climate of economic uncertainty and social stress. It was felt that it could be of great value to others for a station to hit the airwaves whose remit was to cheer people up and make them feel good about life, not to ask them for anything or subject them to endless talk and adverts. A non-profitmaking venture, Uplift Radio is an easy listening radio station which helps people get through some of the dark days by lightening their spirits and giving them a sense of optimism. Although Uplift Radio is a Christian organisation, we are not a Christian radio station as such – this kind of programming is met quite adequately by numerous other stations, and really we wish to be distinctive. That's why we play all genres of music and integrate some of the best thoughts and quotes from various worldwide sources – we wish to be attractive and encouraging to all areas of society. Of course, we do try to implement the values that you may associate with Christianity, but only by balanced programming in a light, non-threatening and uplifting way.
Lively and Positive
We have a diverse schedule, incorporating mainly music, chat, a bit of drama and some inspirational thoughts and quotes. We're laid back in all areas of our schedule and at all times try to maintain a lively approach with positive values and make them appealing to all stratas of society, contrary to some areas of today's media. In developing a diverse schedule for our inspirational easy listening radio we have incorporated just about every music genre, and a typical weekday exemplifies this. We begin our day at 6am with an hour of nature sounds and mood music to provide our listeners with a gentle and soothing start to the day, before picking up the pace at 7am in our Uplift Show with Don Treader and Yules The Dog who will invigorate your spirits in the most encouraging way possible. At 9am it’s time for an hour of contemporary music interspersed with topical thought to get your morning moving forward before breaking up the music with Uplift Theatre – 25 minutes of inspirational drama to perhaps coincide with a soothing drink and a snack. To take you up to midday we play more music, this time with a country tinge to complete an inspirational, friendly and encouraging morning of radio.
Continuing to make your day better
Midday means Don and Yules are back with more music and chat, before DJ Smooth hits the airwaves at 2pm, taking the pace down with chilled out afternoon sounds to ease the spirit and soothe the soul. Drivetime begins at 4pm with the return of our Juke Box programme , bringing more nostalgic sounds and thoughts from the past. We up the tempo further, after another chance to hear the morning drama, with The Up-beat show, designed to orchestrate high spirits no matter how easy or challenging your day has been. Once we hit the evening you can unwind again with an hour of captivating classical music before Don and Yules return a final time at 8pm with a couple of hours of great music, friendly chat, your requests and, of course, the odd bad joke. Bedtime means the return of DJ Smooth with two hours of chilled out tunes and conversation to relax to . . . and if you’re up after midnight we’re on hand with a fine selection of nocturnal and ambient treats to entertain you, mellowing you mood during the small hours.
Weekend highlights outlined
Weekends are equally special, with more offerings of uplifting easy listening radio to make your Saturdays and Sundays more enjoyable. A Saturday with Uplift Radio is a positive experience, with great programmes full of optimism and fun dazzling the airwaves. We’ve got radio for the children to enjoy, non-stop nostalgia, a Number Ones show featuring the cream of chart-toppers throughout the years to get you into a happy spirit and when we reach the evening there's Brian’s cherry-picked selection of Scottish, Irish, Folk and Country music, with some great oldies to evoke fond memories of yesteryear. There's the odd bad joke thrown in too! If you’ve missed any of the dramas during the week then there’s a chance to catch up with them too in the form of an evening omnibus edition. Sunday brings even more to the table with a lively, two-presenter gospel programme dealing with the latest Christian news and music. There's also our "Easy Like Sunday Morning" show; songs from "Stage and Screen"; another visit to Dee Jay M's Number Ones studio and, of course, our weekly visit to California's Crystal Cathedral. A new feature is our Uplift Christian Fellowship (UCF) church service, presenting the Christian message simply and attactively with good music and inspirational ministry for half an hour at three points in the day. Close the day with DJ Smooth and you'll be ready for work on the Monday.
The radio station that welcomes you
So, if you’re looking for friendly and welcoming radio that inspires and soothes yet builds up the pace when appropriate, then tune into Uplift Radio for the ultimate motivating and diverse easy listening radio experience.