Uplift FM was formed when we began to notice a gap in the online market for feel good radio which encourages, soothes and inspires.
Whilst Uplift Radio has a Christian foundation, we are not specifically a Christian station- we aim to attract anyone who simply likes good music of all types , radio which encourages and inspires by accentuating the positive, programming with a friendly and inviting mixture of music and speech and drama to evoke 'the feel good factor' in its listeners. In this time of gloom and recession, we hope to make lives that little bit brighter for people by airing a complete but diverse schedule designed to keep their spirits up and to make them happy. Of course, radio in 2012 needs a presence not just in the programming it broadcasts but outside of this too, which is why our website builds upon our tagline ‘Accentuating The Positive’ with an array of guidance, both secular and spiritual – as well as of course other appropriate links to inspire our listeners further.
Bringing light in many ways
On upliftfm.com, you’ll discover profiles on our presenters, a regular blog, and the opportunity to request songs plus our ‘Encouragement’ and ‘Spiritual’ zones. In these zones you’ll find audio, quotes, literature, video, advice, pictures and real life positive testimonies all designed to complement our broadcasting perfectly. We’re always eager to listen to, an act upon, feedback from our listeners in order to optimise the quality of our output, so if there’s anything you think could be added or altered, we'd be more than happy to receive your suggestions.
Would you like to spread the word?
One way you can help us continue to inspire and encourage others with spirit lifting thought-provoking radio, and our equally balanced online presence, is to become an ‘Actuator’. If you’re unsure what an actuator does then we like to think of it as someone who is active within our community and of course in the world outside it too, making things happen. If you enjoy our output then we’d love you to spread the word about our feel good radio station and encourage others to listen in, then pass the good news on themselves. You can do this by telling your friends about us, either online or in person. The way things generally grow in popularity online is by word-of-mouth and by being shared, and you can do this easily and quickly through social networking and by e-mailing people you think might benefit from listening to our invigorating and encouraging radio station. If someone comes to mind you believe would enjoy the presence of a friendly, feel-good radio station in their lives then why not let them know about us?
Be inspired everywhere
We are proud of our diverse feel good radio station at Uplift, and feel that our mix of great music, inspiring thought, debate and drama along with our spiritual input, makes us truly distinctive.
We can be heard through a variety of media players on your PC or Mac, and also on a wide variety of mobile devices such as iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids- just download our new App from our website- www.upliftfm.com – and you're on your way. Indeed, our feel good radio stationis easily portable and is moving forward by leaps and bounds day by day! We continue to receive great feedback, and being an online radio station means that we are on stream throughout the world 24 hours a day to inspire and encourage everyone with the best in all kinds of music and uplifting thought. Last Christmas we were listened to in 52 countries and even received positive feedback from people in the Ukraine. We are gladdened, humbled and excited that we are reaching people we could never have imagined would have listened, and the wonderful thing is that our listener base and the number of listening hours are rising with each new day. Radio is generally thought of as a more intimate and personal form of broadcasting when compared to television for instance, and this means that even as we expand, we are determined not to lose our personal touch and hope to maintain a close affinity and relationship with each and every listener we attract.
Not shying away from important issues
Despite our informal and welcoming approach we are not afraid to tackle important issues at Uplift. One recent debate we held was about arranged marriages and online dating in our two presenter lively music, chat and comment Gospel Show. This type of broadcasting demonstrates our incorporation of serious integrity into our work and engages more listeners in our interactive discussions. We’re always looking for new topics to tackle and therefore are open for suggestions- if you think there is something we could really get to grips with in our hopefully fair, light-hearted and balanced manner, send them on to us at UpliftFM.
When push comes to shove, when you’re looking for a feel good radio station with inspiring music, debate and diverse programming, we hope you think that Uplift Radio fits the bill, and of course, that you’ll listen!.