This programme is designed to get your day started well. Whether you pray, meditate, or just like to think, arranging your thoughts preparing yourself for the day ahead, why not take advantage of some or all of this hour to do just that. With its unique blend of soothing, inspiring and motivational music interlaced with the sounds of nature you will find yourself well placed to take advantage of all that the day has to offer. As one famous conductor once said, ‘It would be unproductive and useless to tune the instruments after the song had started’.

Why not allow this programme to be your ‘tuning fork’ to a brand new day! When did you last walk along a deserted beach listening to the waves lapping gently at your bare feet? When did you last lie in a country meadow and hear the summer sounds buzzing around you in the warm sunshine? What about a storm – when did you last get a thrill from facing  the full might of the elements? Or when did you last visit the Rain Forests and enjoy the unique experience of being in the steamy atmosphere under a canopy of trees with a myriad of wildlife scurrying around you – or is a visit to it just a pipedream? Special moments like these are when we can open up ourselves, release our cares and truly let our spirits rise!

Timeslot: Every day between 6am and 7am. At present there are no requests able to be made for this programme.

This programme does not take requests.

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