What do you do with your memories? Do you pack them away and lock them up hoping to keep them firmly in the past? Hopefully not. Sometimes we can draw strength from things, people and events of the past, and of course, especially from music. Sometimes a particular song can trigger such a pleasurable sequence of memories that we just can’t help feeling good. These musical ‘triggers’ are our speciality in this programme. – Sinatra, Crosby, Reeves, King Cole, Ella, Peggy Lee, Doris Day, and then of course Diana Kraal, Michael Bublé, to name but a few. These great stars of the past and present, along with many others, will help light up your feel good factor and make the way ahead look distinctly great.

Don Treader will help you wend your way down Memory Lane.

Timeslot: Every Saturday and Sunday between 4pm and 6pm

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