‘Why should the devil have all the good music?’ was a question asked by some people a while ago. Looking around at the prolific spread of Christian music you’d be stunned at the amazing choice available. Songs of all genres, well sung well produced, they can easily be a match for some of today’s secular sounds. Indeed you’ll have noticed this in our daily programming when the odd gospel song can hold its own against some of the best chart music around.

The good thing about Gospel Music is that it comes with a message, whether you’re listening to a Welsh Choir or a solo singer, whether it’s in a classical mood or in a rock format – the message is the same – God is very much alive and kicking on planet earth!

The format sports two Presenters and apart from having a great blend of Christian music, modern and traditional, current news items are also discussed. Sometimes a mystery topic is included.  


Floating features include:

The Joni Spot*, The Charles Spurgeon Meditation, a mystery book or film review and the occasional interview.


  • We’re grateful to Joni for allowing us to use her material on our show. For further information please look at
  • www.joniandfriends.com
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Timeslot: Every Sunday between 9 and 10am,  repeated at 9pm

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