This Week's Highlights

The Uplift Show – Don Treader is back! Unfortunately without Yules the dog, although her bark can still be heard. 2 hours of music, fun and competitions – Mondays to Fridays 7am, 12 noon & 8pm, Saturdays 7am only
The Decades Show – if you like your music straight – without too much chat – this is the show for you. Three hours of non-stop music from every decade since the 1940s right through to the best of today’s, along with the occasional inspiring quote. It’s fast moving, fun and highly entertaining – listen out for nostalgic jingles from times gone by! Saturdays 10am
The Number One Show – Dee Jay M plays mainly UK Number Ones from the last six decades (sometimes he even plays his own number ones, even if they weren't in the charts!). His fast moving style and a pile of old jingles make this one hour show a must listen! Saturdays 1pm and repeated Sundays 3am and 6pm
Nostalgia Moments – Don Treader takes you back in time to amble down memory lane for a couple of hours, listening to the stars of the past – Saturdays and Sundays 4pm
Brian’s Pick & Mix – Brian Fowler will entertain you with his unique blend of Scottish, Irish, Folk and Oldies music, laced with the odd interview and the "very odd" joke! – Saturdays 6pm and repeated Sundays 12 noon


The Gospel Show – live…two hours…two presenters…latest news…discussion and comment…lively banter…all this and more in a programme guaranteed to inform, entertain and uplift! The programme includes an In-Depth Discussion Spot and Mystery Spot each week. The presenters would value your interaction here to help make the topics more alive. This week's indepth topic: Do animals go to heaven? Sundays 7am and repeated 8pm

* Starting this week – watch out for DJ Smooth who hits the airwaves with his programme Nice 'n Easy, Mondays to Fridays 2pm and 10pm. Get in the groove with DJ Smooth – he's in the booth!
Don't Forget – Our Uplift Daily Drama
To all Left Behind fans, those who are gripped by the best selling dramas about the ‘end times’, and of course, to those who’ve never heard of it!

These highly acclaimed Left Behind dramas appear on this Station daily (with an omnibus addition on Saturday evenings). If you missed the start, don't feel left behind; go to the Uplift Theatre page and catch the story so far. It's worthwhile listening in, even from today. This thrilling drama is too good to miss – don’t be left behind! Tune in at 10am, 5pm or 10pm daily for the latest episode about Buck, Chloe, Rayford and Nicolae. The story progresses from the removal of a sizeable number of the world's population mysteriously (known as "The Rapture"), followed by the rise of the "Man of Peace" who deceives the world for seven years throughout a period of a variety of seismic plagues and disasters, and culminates with the glorious appearing of Jesus on planet earth. It follows an embattled band of persecuted Christians who find it more and more difficult to survive without being guillotined. Add the latest technology and a vivid application of the book of Revelation and you have a stunning, captivating and exciting drama which will inform you as well as keep you on the edge of your seats until the very last episode is done!

We have official permission to use these dramas from Tyndale House Publishing, so won't you join us at one of these 3 times each day. If you miss any, then there’s the weekly omnibus at 8pm on Saturdays.

Please join us and get an uplift!